Dream Bookish Destinations (#2) – Scotland’s National Booktown

Welcome to Dream Bookish Destinations. This is a feature in which I lust over Bookish Destinations across the world. On top of my love for books I love architecture and design so please don’t be surprised if I start blabbering about the actual buildings in this feature as I probably will do that! 
What is it? Scotland’s National Booktown

Where is it? Wigtown, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

History: In 1998 Wigtown was declared Scotland’s National Booktown. This was because many of the local shops were closing down and the idea for a national book town was a bid to regenerate the area. Much like Hay on the Wye (where Hay festival is located) Wigtown has its own literary festival. Wigtown has over 20 book-related businesses including bookshops and publishers. The demand to own a bookshop in Wigtown is now that high that there are bookshops in surrounding villages, in industrial units, and in people’s homes.

Why I want to go there: There’s a huge chance that Hay will be included in this feature at a later date and the reasons for me wanting to go are very similar… However Wigtown is in a way more special than Hay because it was planned. The council knew the area needed to be regenerated and they chose to fund a book town.. they must have had some confidence in books to do this if you think about it! Also… I have grown up in the north of England. I love it but yet I have never been to Scotland… even though its like there *points* (I’m not actually that close but nevermind!) So yeah. Wigtown’s festival is a week at the end of September and its definitely on my list of places I want to go next year!
  • I was gonna say what about Hay but this place looks totally awesome too!! Why isn’t it closer??

  • I was gonna say what about Hay but this place looks totally awesome too!! Why isn’t it closer??

  • Book Town! I want to live there.

  • You’ve never been to Scotland! Tut, tut 🙂

    I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a book town, I want to go there too!

  • I want to go there! I may drag you there next year. While you’re asleep. o.o

    ComaCalm’s Corner

  • Woo! We will plan a road trip and go spend lots of money! I’ve been and its really pretty!

  • This is such a cool little feature you are doing! I love it! LOVE.

    What an awesome place. I want to visit it now, too!

  • I have lived in Scotland all my life and I did not know this. Why did I not know this? I must go here, it looks cool. x

  • I think that is a wonderful idea – a book town! Perfect dream destination. I am LOVING this new feature 🙂