Dream Bookish Destinations (#10): Chetham’s Library

Welcome to Dream Bookish Destinations. This is a feature in which I lust over (semi) Bookish Destinations across the world. I try to do these as often as possible but I fail a lot, sorry! 

What is it?  Chetham’s Library

Where is it? Long Millgate, Manchester

History: This Library was founded in 1653 and is the longest surviving library in Britain. The buildings itself is even older having been built in 1452 as a school for priests. The library was established under the will of a Humprey Chetham as a part of the Chetham’s School to provide the education of “the sons of honest, industrious and painful parents” The library was for the use by the scholars.
The books and journals etc which sit on the shelves of Chetham’s are judged as being of high importance, Chethams holds the oldest history of Manchester and printed books include first editions of Milton’s Paradise Lost and, my kind of book, Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language.  

Why I want to go there: Just look at the picture above. It looks amazing and really atmospheric. Also can you imagine what that room smeels like, what the books smell like (yes I know I’m a freak!) I love the smell of really old books, there’s just something about them! Also that book mentioned above, Johnsons’ Dictionary? Ive been dreaming of looking at a first edition of that book since I studied the History of English Language in university! I would love to see that in real life! 
  • I WANT to go there to! I love places like that, atmospheric, filled with books and inspirational – A setting that is need of a great story.

  • Take me with you both…

  • What an amazing library!

  • This does look amazing, and really atmospheric like you said.
    It reminds me of Hogwarts!