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    Omg Raimy I’m so glad you finally read this!! It’s such an amazing book it’s a shame to think the cover is letting it down (I agree it’s not a great cover) as much as I hate unmatching covers maybe they should change it for insurgent. But yay! you loved it!!

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    This book definitely was awesome – so happy you enjoyed it! Four made everyone swoon I think, and I also agree about the cover – it’s not terrible, but it’s also not up to scratch for such a great book. It really makes me sad that people are missing out because of the cover. I want everyone to read this book! Great review :).

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    The cover put me off originally as well- I thought it looked a little too childish. It was only all the hype and 5 star reviews on all the blogs that convinced me to pick up a copy of this, and I loved it!

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    I have this book, for some time now. I read a dystopian a few months back and I just couldn’t pick up another because I really didn’t enjoy it. I’ve been hearing great thing about Divergent and therefor must read!

    great review!!

    P.S. Soooooo need to get my hands on After Obsession, love Carrie Jones’ books, looking forward to your review for that one!!!

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    I can’t wait to read this one! Thank you for this review, it’s put it a bit further up my reading pile.

    What is it with the name Peter in the recent books I’ve read. Peeta from The Hunger Games, Peter in The Declaration and now another bloomin Peter! Are there no other names in the world!