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    I know what you mean Raimy! I really only slate books for predictability is it’s type 1 or 2 and I know everything thats going to happen (like the paranormal reads where theres a new guy/girl and they meet a mysterious love interest and then they get put in danger…). I don’t care if it’s predictable if I’m really interested in the storyline and don’t know what hurdles they will have to face to reach the predictable end.

    Do I make sense?

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    I agree. The super obvious ones are more annoying to read, but I don’t mind the ones where I don’t know the “how” yet. Those are fun because they usually have some unexpected surprises.

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    Haha, I was actually considering writing a post on this! I totally agree there are different types of predictability. Personally, I like it when you KNOW a big plot twist is coming up and the apprehension and dread knowing that it WILL happen and the character doesn’t know it yet…usually seen as a negative “I figured out all the plot twists” but sometimes I think it can actually have more of an effect than a surprise twist!

    Great post =]

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    It drives me mad when reviews of romantic novels criticise them for being “predictable” – by which the reviewer usually means that you know the main girl and boy will end up together. Well, duh.

    My favourite film is When Harry Met Sally but I’ve never seen anyone complain that “it’s so predictable when Harry meets Sally!” 😉