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    Today marks the launch of something special in classics for kids. The awesome folks at Puffin have created new covers and more for 20 fantastic classics which they want to bring to a new generation of readers.  These days the classics are often ignored in favour of tv show tie in books, picture books and interactive books. I honestly think that parents don’t tend to chose classics to read to children anymore, favouring those they can read together or that can be read through quickly… and whilst there is nothing wrong with that I do feel bad for the amazing collection of classic children’s book there are out there.  Thats…

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    Bookish and Bloggish news is my weekly wrap up of the news around the YA industry and my blog this week. This includes cover reveals, new book announcements, new author sign ups, book trailers, blog tours and more. I hope you enjoy!  Hello!  Its been a while since I shared any news – sorry about that! However this week there were a couple of things I wanted to share with you. Hope you don’t mind!  The first up is the exciting reveal of the cover of Nick Lake’s next book, There Will Be Lies. This is coming out from Bloomsbury in January 2015 and it sounds fantastic. I have read…

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    “‘School is the armpit of life,’ my best friend Kenzie once told me, Amen. My school is no exception. Walk through the scratched glass doors on that first day and your life becomes a series of brutal and painful encounters: being called a dick by the football player who sits near you in science, standing in a bra and granny panties in front of your gym locker that you can’t open while the girls around you giggle and point, crying in the bathroom because you don’t know it was possible for your heart to hurt this much.”  When Maya’s father finds a teenage popularity guide in the back room of…

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    “Troubled Families ‘Have Too Many Children’  Sky News 2012  Mothers from problem families should ‘feel ashamed.’ They are damaging society and should stop getting pregnant, according to a senior government advisor.  Louise Casey, the Prime Minister’s troubled families’ tsar, has said it is time for the state to intervene. They cost the taxpayer an estimated £9bn in benefits, crime, anti-social behaviour and health care, and one fifth of them have more than five children.” With overpopulation becoming a problem the UK government are proposing a new bill. Every girl of school leaving age who has no guaranteed job prospects or further education plans will be forced into sterilisation. Tia sees the…

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    “I wasn’t invited, but I showed up to the party anyway so I could talk to Ellie Chen and find out why she dumped me two weeks ago It was a choir party at Maria Posey’s place, in celebration of killing it at the state qualifier yesterday, so I figured Ellie and her songbird friends would be there.”  When one of the Choir girls is dropped off at hospital in a severe state after OD’ing on LSD, Charlie is number one suspect, after all if was his car which did the dropping off. Charlie knows he didn’t do it but with no one else taking his side and the only…

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    “Hangovers are a bitch.  I’ve known this for years, since I was, like, fourteen and went to my first party, but the headache I woke up with the morning after graduation was the worst I’d ever experienced. And that says a lot. I mean, it was thrbbing. I felt like someone had beaten me over the head with a freaking baseball bat.” When Whitley Johnson wakes up next to some guy after her graduation party she feels like death and just wants to get away, go home and hide for the next 24 hours. After that she will be on her way to her dads for a summer of sun,…

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    “My name is Harriet Manners, and I am a model.  I know I’m a model because: Its monday morning, and I’m wearing a gold tutu, a gold jacket, gold ballet pumps and gold earrings. My face is painted gold, and a long piece of gold wire has been wrapped around my head. This is not how I normally dress on Mondays.  I have a bodyguard. The earrings cost so much I’m not allowed to go to the toilet without a large man checking my earlobes afterwards to make sure I haven’t accidentally flushed them.  I haven’t been allowed to smile for two hours. Every time I take a bite of…

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    “Saturday, 10 August, 2013 The last time I saw Rosie, she was getting on the bus with Paul. It was August and the air was thick with dust and petrol fumes on the Manchester road. Off to our left, on the far side of the housing estate, sun and shadow were playing tag on the hills. Some of the people at the stop noticed the young couple next to them. Rosie and Paul didn’t seem to notice. They were used to the attention.” When Eve gets the news that her sister is in hospital after a vicious attack and may not ever fully recover she thinks things can’t get any…

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    “As soon as the dart hit the mare’s shoulder, the world solidified around the stallion. The air enveloped the gleaming white beast in a damp cloak and sounds shattered against his ears. He watched as his mate sank to the ground, her nose settling upon her knee. Dark clouds rushed in overhead as birds flew up from the trees. For a fraction of a second the earth shuddered on its axis, throwing wound patterns into chaos and aiming a stream of cold air at one small country in the western hemisphere.” There’s something amiss in Blarney and once again its to do with the faeries that live in the realm…