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    source So a few days ago, I reviewed the book The Tale of Despereaux… it was just fantastic and because of how much I enjoyed it… I then went and watched the movie. The movie was also pretty good but there were a few things that I wanted to discuss. The book was split into four mini books or parts. These covered three different characters and the final part brought them all together. I really enjoyed this and thought it was a brilliant way of getting he story across, however in the movie this was all blurred together, there wasn’t as much of a separation and this worked well, but…

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    I’m not gunna lie. This contains some serious spoilers!!!  I saw the Harry Potter movie on Tuesday night. The Deathly Hallows part one, it was as I thought it would be, bloody awesome. However…. The one and only thing that let it down was the need to explain things that the previous movies didn’t. Bill waltzes in an introduces himself, and his scars but that wouldn’t have been needed if it wasn’t for the fact he wasn’t fighting the death eaters the night Dumbledore died in the movie. Also the character was soooo not cool enough to be the real Bill. I loved bill in the books! he sounded well fanciable! however I’ll move…

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    So as I mentioned in my blog the other day I hadn’t seen the movie yet. However me and the other half went tonight and if you haven’t seen it yet… Get gone!!! It’s amazing! Obviously like with everything else I’ve read as well as seen it’s not as good as the books but I’m gunna say that, I’m a book geek! It doesn’t follow the story exactly but I liked what it did with it! And they kept in most of what I love about the books! One bit that I really loved was the body outlines of coins when Scott sliced all the guys at the end just…