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    Today I have debut author Bethany Anderson on the blog for a quick question and answer session. I loved her book Swings & Roundabouts and if you missed my review yesterday do please nip back and read it! Swings & Roundabouts was published last year by indie publisher Bamboccioni Books and Bethany blogs at Subtle Melodrama.  Your book, Swings & Roundabouts, focuses on mental illness and the possibility of two people who suffer from mental illness being together, how did the story come about and was there any major inspiration for the book? Growing up, there were so many people around me that were dealing with mental illness, or who had friends/family that…

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    Your book, Stolen Songbird, features Witches and Trolls and other magical creatures. Do you have a favourite fantasy race? If we are talking humanoid races, I’d have to say elves. This primarily stems from reading Dragonlance novels when I was in my younger teenage years.                 Have there been any major fantasy series or authors who inspired Stolen Songbird, or other genre of books and authors of course!? There was no particular author who inspired me to write Stolen Songbird, but there were plenty that inspired my love of fantasy. Eddings, Tolkien, McCaffrey, Hambly, Jordan, Weis & Hickman, and Martin were all authors I read extensively in my younger years. …

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    So guys, as you may know things have been a little crazy for me time wise over the last few months and the blog has been suffering cos of it. Thankfully awesome emails land in my inbox at just the right time and when I need things to post I can help out others by posting things about their site! Today I am sharing with you a Q&A with Jeffery Bruner, the masterminds behind The Fussy Librarian, an internet resource that works rather like a matchmaking service for book lovers! Read on to find out more and visit the site at: www.TheFussyLibrarian.com  What is The Fussy Librarian?We’re a daily ebook recommendation…

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    Today as part of the When The World Was Flat (And We Were In Love) blog tour I have a Q&A with author Ingrid Jonach and a fantastic giveaway, read on to find out more! Ultimately When The World Was Flat is a love story with a slight sci-fi/fantasy twist the likes I have never seen before, where did the inspiration for your story come from?  The story started as a contemporary romance novel about a boy hiding away in a small town following the death of his sister. There are some scenes that actually remain from this draft of the novel, like the scene at the train crossing. I decided…

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    Today I have a Q&A with Author Amanda Sun as part of her blog tour for the release of Ink, the first in her Japanese contemporary fantasy trilogy, The Paper Gods. If you want to read my review of the book please click here.  *** Drawings sometimes come to life in Ink when Katie and Tomohiro are in close proximity to one another. What one piece of artwork would you most like to see come to life it it were possible? Great question! One of my favourite painters is Michael Whelan. I’ve always loved the vast fantasy landscapes he paints, and how creative they are, so I think I’d choose…

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    As part of World Book Day on March 7th I was invited to interview Award-winning Author Patrick Ness about writing and his books in general. It was a great chance to find out more about the writing process of Patrick and I want to thank the guys at WBD and Patrick for taking the time to answer these questions:  1. A physical book is a reassuring weight, and you spoke passionately in defence of libraries in your Carnegie Medal acceptance speech. Given the vast growth of digital media, and the increasing ethereal nature of the world in which we live, do you believe that there will always be an “Either/Or”…

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    Welcome! Today I have author Laura Lam on the book to answer my questions about her fantastic book, Pantomime. You can see my review of the book here and find out more about it on its goodreads page here or you can read on…    ***   Pantomime is a tale of magic, mayhem and identity, where did the inspiration for your story come from?  It came slowly and partly by accident. I started writing a book with an adult Micah Grey, but I was 18. It was hard for me to tap into his voice. Going back to a teenage Micah was really easy and I tapped into his…

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    Today I have the fantastic Karen Mahoney on the blog to answer my invasive questions about MothTales, the WebComic series which connects to her new novel Falling to Ash (review here). This interview is a major geek out about comics (in an awesome way naturally) and I want to just say thank you to Karen to answering these for me!! You can find more info about Karen on her website and follow her on twitter. *** 1) Your new novel Falling to Ash, is being accompanied by a webcomic series called MothTales, how did that idea come about? (First of all, thanks for the awesome – it’s nice to be…