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    So last year was pathetic for reading. Again. I promised myself that reading Spike a bedtime story every night (with duplicates throughout the year) would mean that I read at least one-two new picture books a week, so I set a target of 104 books on goodreads. I hoped that would allow for at least 30 YA books for me to enjoy. I failed that target. I think I managed 8. Which I guess is better than the year before. But still. My goodreads target still wasn’t met though as I kept forgetting to add the picture books to my read list… or couldn’t find them at all. I finished…

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    Looking for the perfect book for a loved one this Christmas? Why not give the gift of reading? It will open up a whole new world, or if your loved one always has their head in a book why not expand that universe even more, with the next book in the series? Or the latest from their favourite author? I always, always make sure Spike gets at least one book even birthday and Christmas. There’s nothing like reading in our house and we both love the stories and adventures that we get to go on because of the piles of books strewn across the place! (Sometimes literally strewn!) So when…

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    When you read a book you love, there are several things that happen. You find yourself utterly mesmerised by this new world. It is exciting, discovering something new for the first time. Most of us can remember the first time that we read a book that we adored; it’s akin to falling in love, the feeling of being swept away into something new and vibrant. As well as the deep love for a new novel, you can often find yourself feeling inspired to write for yourself. Many of us take inspiration from something we love; a book that plays with words so magnificently that we want to try it for…

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    As you may have noticed I’m a little slow at blogging lately. I’ve found since having Spike that I’m struggling not only to find the time to read but to find the motivation. I actually have plenty of time to read once she’s asleep and when she’s napping etc but theres so much to do and I’ve been so tired that its been hard to actually want to read, which sucks. Reading is such a big part of my life, or it was before Spike came along. I feel like reading and blogging is a massive part of me and my identity and to be honest I have been struggling…

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    Obviously, I am an avid reader. Being born and bred in the North East of England I like to celebrate when authors from the UK do well and I always advocate the reading of UKYA. Today for #UKYADay (hosted by the lovely Lucy at Queen of Contemporary) I wanted to share a bit about my thoughts on UKYA. I consider myself to be very lucky in that when I was 15 and wanted to buy a book, I had some there, sat on the shelves of my local Waterstones (which was actually Ottakars back then if anyone remembers that!) which were targeted directly at my age range. My sister, who…

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    So I am a little late with this, I usually do this post towards the end of December but I didn’t get chance! I wanted to share with you my top books of last year, in no order at all and the books I read last year, not just those that were published! I usually do 10 books but I have found that because I fell short of my targets for 2014 I have also fallen short of my favourite books. I think there will only be about 6 but these are the very best and there are a number of books that came up close to these!   The…

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    Today marks the launch of something special in classics for kids. The awesome folks at Puffin have created new covers and more for 20 fantastic classics which they want to bring to a new generation of readers.  These days the classics are often ignored in favour of tv show tie in books, picture books and interactive books. I honestly think that parents don’t tend to chose classics to read to children anymore, favouring those they can read together or that can be read through quickly… and whilst there is nothing wrong with that I do feel bad for the amazing collection of classic children’s book there are out there.  Thats…

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    Forgive me for using a hashtag in the title of my blogpost, that is something I would never do unless the hashtag needs more coverage and I feel that UKYA does! It is a hashtag started by Project UKYA, a blog dedicated to the awesome fiction which comes from our home soil. This weekend sees the #readUKYA hit twitter in a readathon designed to focus purely on home grown fiction. The readathon started on Thursday and runs to 11pm on Sunday, and as my part in it all I decided to share with you some of my favourite UK authors. There are some authors who jump straight to mind when…

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    “In a lavish world where darkness reigns and science collides with superstition, Alina Starkov has the power to save her country…but it comes with a price. Join us as we cross the Shadow Fold, fangirl over the Darkling, discover untapped power, join forces with a pirate named Sturmhond, and come to the realization that Darkness. Never. Dies.  Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group and Orion Books are teaming up for a re-read worthy of RUIN AND RISING by Leigh Bardugo, on sale June 17. Soldier. Summoner. Saint. In the final battle, who will rise?” *** So I don’t usually post twice in one day but I just had to share with you…