About Readaraptor


Readaraptor is a place to talk books, whether that be in a discussion post or about one book in particular through a review. It was born in 2011 and has grown since to make me, its owner Raimy, very proud!

I started Readaraptor because I wanted a place to share my love of books and reading following my time spent at university. I studied English Language and Literature then started working at a magazine which focuses on construction so I was missing my literature friends a lot! I started on Tumblr first with a rubbish blog that wasn’t really doing anything for me and moved to Blogger in January 2010 and started Readaraptor. I then decided that blogger wasn’t doing enough for me either so embarked on a new relationship with WordPress which you have now stumbled upon. I hope you like it.

I mostly talk about an review young adult literature including old favourite Harry Potter, Noughts and Crosses and anything by my favourite authors Sarra Manning, Zoe Marriott, Keris Stainton, Cat Clarke and Emma Carroll. As you can see just from these few examples I adore #UKYA and will always champion home-grown authors I love. Occasionally I will review and talk about adult and children’s books. I want to start broadening things out a bit with this workers move and I see 2015 especially as a time when I will be reading a much wider range of books.

As you may have noticed I love all things dinosaur too which is why the blog is Readaraptor. I own multiple dinosaur soft toys, tee-shirts, hoodies, and even artwork and in all honesty there is no real reason for this love other than because I do! I hope you like seeing my dinos dotted around the blog too.

As a little bit about me, I am about to start a new chapter of my career as a Digital Marketing Assistant and I’m usually found in a soft play centre, museum or play park with my little girl, affectionately known as Spike.

I’m pretty laid back and I’m open about anything, please feel free to ask me anything and add my on twitter (@raimy_rawr) I’m always happy to chat! 😀