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    Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Grammarly, an online automated proofreader. For more information about the services Grammarly offer you can visit them here. I used Grammarly as a proofreader for this post because I decided to have a drink to wind down after a long week whilst writing. Due to this there was a good chance of commas and colons appearing in the middle of words! Rubbish quality – this is why I should have taken my SLR! So a couple of weeks ago the Manchester Literature Festival took place. This is a yearly event run by some awesome folks in Manchester in association with HSBC, the Arts…

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    “Once there was a postman who fell in love with a Raven.  The postman lived in the edge of a flat, desolate suburb. When he look to the west he could she the skyscrapers of the city of which his suburb was the outermost appendage. When he looked east he saw flat, bare land that stood over even starker, more desolate places.” When the postman found a letter in his sack with an address on that he didn’t recognise, he thought it must be a mistake. Believing he was already destined to a lonely life, he didn’t realise the letter would lead to finding his one true love. A raven…

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    Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that is hosted by Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and basically, the idea came out of a discussion with other UK book bloggers about the need to do a weekly meme with more of a British feel to it. Therefore, Letterbox Love was born and the logo was lovingly designed by Dark Readers. Letterbox Love is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e-books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about. For Review:  The Chronicles of Narmo – Caitlin Moran  So I have heard amazing things about Caitlin Moran’s books,…

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    Bookish and Blogish news is my weekly wrap up of the news around the YA industry and my blog this week. This includes cover reveals, new book announcements, new author sign ups, book trailers, blog tours and more. I hope you enjoy! *** New Covers!  If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch (Indigo) I absolutely loved this book when it came out in hardback earlier this year and I think a lot of thriller and darker contemporary book lovers out there will really enjoy it. I love this paperback cover that Indigo gave us a sneak peak of this week and if you fancy giving it a read you should…

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    “There are some people you know you shouldn’t anger because it isn’t right. Like your mom – if she’s the nice sort.  There are other people you know you shouldn’t anger because they have the authority to punish you. Police officers, politicians, insane asylum wardens, your mom – if she’s the bad sort.  But there are some people you shouldn’t anger that you don’t know about, because no one ever survived to warn you.  I’m the third kind.” Meda is a demon halfing. She eats peoples souls. Brought up by her human mother who tried her hardest to ensure Meda didn’t turn into the demon that was nestled in her…

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    Set in a near-future Britain, Dark Satanic Mills tracks a young girl’s journey from the flooded landmarks of London to the vast, scorched and abandoned hills of the north. Framed for a murder she did not commit, the innocent and beautiful Christie has no other choice but to run for her life.  Both a cautionary tale and a rip-roaring road trip, Dark Satanic Mills is altogether an intelligent, captivating and thrilling ride – The Wizard of Oz for a new generation, told in exhilarating shades of light and dark. *** Wow, this graphic novel was intense, but I shouldn’t have expected anything less with Marcus Sedgwick and John Higgins involved.…

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    ‘‘Felix Winters looks so HOT in a tuxedo,’ I whispered. His bum cheeks are like two orbs of wonder. ‘Could a boy be any more perfect?’ ‘It would take a brave girl to attempt to prise him away from Fiona’s claws,’ Petrina replied from behind me. ‘Look at her with her leg cocked up against his thigh. She’s like a dog marking its territory on a lamp post.’ ‘One day he’ll realise how shallow she really is,’ I sighed, knowing that this would never really happen. ‘Oooh look! Toby’s undoing his shirt!’ Petrina shoved me roughly out of the way so that she could get a better look at the…

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    Today I have author Eliza Crewe on the blog talking about the inspiration behind her new book, Cracked, which will be published on November 5th through Strange Chemistry. Inspirations Behind Cracked Thank you so much for inviting me to guest-post! I have to admit this topic, inspirations behind Cracked, was a lot harder for me than I anticipated. There are so many, and yet so few that are overt, that it took me a while to suss them out. Here are just a few: Something Different The only direct inspiration I had for Cracked was the novel I wrote right before it. In that story the main character is a timid…

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    “I’ve been looking for Sawyer for half a lifetime when I find him standing in front of the Slurpee machine at the 7-eleven on Federal Highway, gazing through the window at the frozen, neon-bright churning like he’s expecting the mysteries of the universe to be revealed to him from inside.  Come to think of it, maybe he is.  I stop. I stare. I need gum and a soda and a box of animal crackers for Hannah, but already I known I’m going to be walking out of this place empty-handed.” Reena was a good girl, on track to get out of her small town a year early and go to…