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    “Once upon a time there was a girl who was special. Her hair flowed like honey and her eyes were blue as music. She grew up bright and beautiful, with deft fingers, a quick mind and a charm that impressed everyone she met. Her parents adored her, her teachers praised her, and her schoolmates admired her many talents. Even the oddly shaped birthmark on her upper arm seemed like a sign of some great destiny. This is not her story. Unless you count the part where I killed her.” Alison is a loner, she keeps herself to herself; confiding only in her best friend Mel. After an odd childhood under…

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    I saw this on Sarah’s Blog Sarah Says a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d steal it (she said it was ok! lol) I hope you like it, and please feel free to take it too!1. Favorite childhood book?  I honestly Have no idea… the book I remember and loved the most when I was a child was The Poetry Collection chosen by Neil Philip. I can remember grabbing it down from the shelf at every chance and getting my sister to read the Jumblies to me. I still have the book and cant wait to read the poems to my children! 2. What are you reading right now?The…

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    “Kaye took another drag on her cigarette and dropped it into her mother’s beer bottle. She figured that would be a good test for how drunk Ellen was – see if she would swallow a butt whole.” Kaye has been following her mother’s, Ellen’s, band around Philadelphia or years. Knowing it doesn’t pay much and not enjoying school she dropped out at 14 and worked full time in a Chinese restaurant. Then one evening, after a gig, her mother’s boyfriend tries to stab her. Ellen decides they are going home, to the place where Kaye can see faeries. Kaye can’t wait to see her old fay friends again but what’s waiting for…

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    You may recall me telling you about a book a few months back that I am helping out on called Dear Mr Potter. If so I have exciting news about it here: ‘“Dear Mr. Potter: Letters of Love, Loss, and Magic,” at nearly 200 pages in length, features hundreds of letters and pictures from Harry Potter fans. Individually, these letters and pictures tell stories of how fans have been impacted and inspired by Harry Potter. Together they serve as proof of what all Potter fans know so well: the Harry Potter series changes lives. Along with fans from around the world, “Dear Mr. Potter” also features letters from Harry Potter actress…

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    Hey guys.I hope you have a wonderful Easter break for those of you who celebrate it. I don’t, however I understand that this time of year is spent with families and friends so I’m not going to be posting anything over the weekend. I hope you don’t mind but I’m gunna try and get my posts scheduled in advance and right now I cant seem to do that whilst blogging so I’m going to be spending my long weekend reading and writing so hopefully I can get my posts done in advance! Have a wonderful long weekend and look out for reviews on Tithe by Holly Black, Ultraviolet by RJ…

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    Just after three senior cheerleaders die in a car crash there’s a new undertaker in town. Maria walks straight into the mysterious Tom during school. Realising that he’s the undertaker’s son she tries to be welcoming and can’t help but notice that he is seriously hot. Crushing on Tom she finds an excuse to go and see him, but taking a trip up to the funeral parlour she find she’s faced with something a bit more serious than the usual “does he like me” scenario. With bodies piling up all over town and Tom’s ‘friend’ Hedy making plans to know everyone its a bit of a whirlwind ride for Maria. …

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    Lottie is fun loving, laid back kinda girl. She doesn’t understand why her parents freak out when she gets taken home in the back of a police car after trying to use a fake ID to get into a top Goth club in central London. They send her away to live with her grandparents for the whole of summer; she cant possibly get into trouble on a golf course in the middle of the boring, rainy, Lake District. I didn’t actually realise Clubbing was a graphic novel when I picked it up in the library. Not even until I got it home and looked it up online. I should of…

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    Really Random Tuesday is a weekly meme run by Suko at Suko’s notebook. It was brought to my atention by awesome fellow blogger Serendipity and although I doubt I have enough randomness to do it every week I thought it would be a good place to post about personal stuff. I hope you dont mind. When talking on twitter to the lovely Cicely at Ciclovesbooks about dinosaurs and other animals I mentioned my ladybug tattoo and that it had a story behind it. The story is too long to tell on twitter and I thought I might share it with my wonderful blog followers; I’ll try not to bore you! This…

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    “My parents had died in a car accident just ten days after I got my driver’s license. A week later, on Christmas day, my sister, Georgia, decided that the two of us would leave America to live with our father’s parents in France. I was still too shell shocked to put up a fight. We moved in January. No one expected us to go back to school right away. So we just passed the days trying to cope in our own desperate ways. My sister frantically blocked her sorrow by going out every night with the friends she had made during our summer visits. I turned into an agoraphobic mess.”…