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    An update on my isolation to be read pile

    So we’ve been in lockdown in the UK for just over 8 weeks, I think. To be honest it could be less – it could be more. I lost track somewhere around week 4. It feels like – in Spike’s words – it’s been at least 91 weeks now. But the good thing to come of it? I smashed my reading list! My Isolation to be read pile  I shared with you this pile of books towards the start of isolation. I started them all, bar Juniper Lemon’s Hapiness Index, after lockdown was announced on March 23rd. I was looking forward to every book on the pile and the extra…

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    Usborne Books with Jenni – Supporting friends through the world of books

    I have always loved Usborne Books selections, their range is so huge from baby’s board books to education resources to children’s fiction and the best of all, young adult fiction. Thankfully my friend Jenni has recently become an ambassador, so I can pick up the great selection of books from her!  About Usborne Books  As mentioned, Usborne have an amazing range of books. Long standing followers of this blog would love their Young Adult selection. The fantastic Holly Bourne is one of their most popular authors and with great reason. Her work is amazing. There is also a great range of fiction for younger children too. From picture books you…

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    Louisa Adair takes to the sky – The Enigma Game Blog Tour

    Guest Post from Elizabeth Wein Louisa Adair, the young code-cracking heroine of The Enigma Game who narrates half my new novel, is the daughter of a Jamaican father and an English mother. She grows up in Jamaica but moves to London at the age of twelve. Readers familiar with my writing will recognize a theme here – every single one of my books features what’s known these days as ‘TCKs’ – Third Culture Kids. In the simplest of terms, they’re children with parents of different nationalities (check out this article).  It gets more complicated when a TCK tries to define his or her national identity. My children are dual citizens…

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    The Guilty Feminist – Deborah Frances-White

    It makes me sad that the majority of people won’t read this book because they think it’s ‘just about feminism’ or that feminism ‘isn’t on their agenda’. This book is not about feminism, it’s about privilege and using any level of privilege you have to help those without. Regardless of whether that privilege is to do with gender, skin colour, sexuality or ability.  I have listened to the early ‘The Guilty Feminist‘ Podcasts and loved them which is why my partner bought my this book for Christmas. He thought it would make a great gift, and it did. Not only did it entertain, but it taught me so much about…

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    TBR Pile

    My isolation to be read pile

    It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a to be read pile on here. As we’ve got weeks of being stuck in this house I’m hoping that my time can be used wisely with reading – and blogging! So I thought I’d share what I’ll be reading with you all… New reads  When lockdown was announced I was partway through Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index which I adored. I’m starting with light hearted, easy reads as I felt the circumstances required it. Therefore my next choice was Bigfoot Tobin and Me by Melissa Savage. A story of a 10 year old girl who has been moved into her grandads house…

  • Looking for a way to entertain the kids during isolation? Look no further...The Stratford Literary Festival is online
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    Entertain the kids during isolation with great videos from Stratford Literary Festival…

    With isolation stopping many family friendly events over the Easter period, a lot of people are looking for content online to help keep the kids entertained and educated. Stratford Literary Festival have come to the rescue for literature lovers, with a free-to-access page of online content celebrating the art of reading and illustration.  The video content features a great range of top names from picture books and young children’s stories, including Spike’s favourites Jeanne Willis and Rob Biddulph. There’s also some of my favourites there too include Sarah McIntyre and Phillip Ardagh. Stratford Literary Festival was forced to cancel its physical lineup due to the restrictions put in place on…

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    Stardust – Neil Gaiman

    Did you know, when your partner suddenly starts reading books by an author you have loved and read in the past it makes you remember you have more books by said author lying unread on your shelf. It also gives you a boot up the bum to read them as you know they will be worth every minute. That said, when they are as short but fantastic as Stardust, you regret the fact you haven’t read them before quite quickly.  I have had Stardust sat unloved for a number of years now. I think I remember buying it shortly after watching the movie and not wanting to read it because…

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    One Wish – Michelle Harrison

    It’s probably a crime how long this book has been sat unread on my shelves. I was sent it as a proof copy by Simon and Schuster in 2014 and it has taken until now to finally read it, despite me wanting to read it ever since. I’ve heard of Michelle Harrison and followed her on social media for a very long time. I knew her books are aimed at middle grade and often involve the fairy world. Everything about this book is just up my street. But I think at the time there was a lot of fey stories out and I knew that this deserved my full attention.…

  • His dark materials series of books by Philip Pullman
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    His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman

    “Your death taps you on the shoulder, or takes your hand, and says, ‘Come along o’ me, it’s time.” – The Amber Spyglass, Philip Pullman  I have had my copy of His Dark Materials for years. I read the first book, Northern Lights just before the movie of the series came out. Then the move was slated by the critics and I didn’t bother picking the rest up.  I’d been meaning to return to the books for years but something was putting me off. I remembered finding the narrative a little confusing towards the end of book one and I remember thinking it was a series I’d have to work…

  • We’re off to find a unicorn by Eloise White and Cory Reid
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    Blog Tour – We’re Off to Find A Unicorn – Eloise White & Cory Reid

    We’ve hunted for bears, elves,and eggs, now we’re hunting for everyone’s favourite – unicorns! Search for the unicorns on each page and find out about the worlds endangered animals along the way. We’re Off to Find a Unicorn is along the same vein as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. There is rhyme throughout and you follow a family as they try and find a unicorn. On each page they believe they might have found a unicorn, but find instead an endangered animal.  Some of the animals they found I wasn’t even sure I’ve even heard of, so they prompted questions from Spike which led to conversations about those animals…